About Us

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Your Dependable Provider of Towing & Flatbed Services
in NYC

T-Birds Automotive LTD was established over 30 years ago as a business that served the neighborhood. We care for our community and strive to provide them with dependable towing services. We have since changed our name to to service a wider range of customers, such as contractors, as well as Fleet accounts. Whether you’re an average citizen with a blocked driveway, a contractor with heavy machinery you need to be moved, or a Fleet account with multiple trucks and vehicles, you can always turn to us for assistance.


Why Choose Us?

Our company has more than three decades of experience working with cars, having started out buying and selling them before starting our towing business. We attribute our longevity in the industry to our knowledge and dependable service. Since then, we have grown to provide bonded towing services to several large accounts, including  the Secret Service and the U.S. Army as well as corporations like Red Bull.


Reach Out Today

At, we offer excellent towing and flatbed services to those who need them. To  learn more about how we can help you, Call us today!
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